Testimonials - what my clients say.

It is very important to me that you get the most from your soft tissue treatment and I really welcome your feedback.

Here are just some of the kind words some of my clients have written about their experience of their soft tissue treatment. 

"I have had regular treatments with Sharon.  Due to a back problem through a sports injury and then made worse by being bent over a computer screen  for too much of the day.  Sharon has been great, managing to reduce the pain, stiffness & tight muscles. Her massages are fantastic, I always come away feeling so much better. "

LR - St. Albans, Herts


"As a software developer I spend more time than I should sat at a desk, so I suffer from lower back stifness.  A regular treatment from Sharon worked wonders for me. An added bonus is that Sharon is not only a great professional but also a lot of fun, very friendly with a great sense of humour.  You're going to struggle to find a better therapist."

MI - St. Albans, Herts


"Sharon has been a great help to me over the years, dealing with my various aches & pains.  I have been seeing her every two to three months tp deal with various shoulder and back pains due to my sitting at a computer screen all day long.  After every massage session I have come out feeling o much better, not just physically but mentally as well due to her care and compassion.  Sharon is always there to offer good advice and to lend an ear when times have been stressful.  Would recommend her to anyone." 

RB - ST. Albans, herts


"Sharon is extremely professional and really knows her subject.  She was very throrough when treating meand also gave me some home exercises to do.  She's a very caring, warm and friendly lady and has an amazing sense of humour!  Recommend her totally.  Your in strong, capable hands with Sharon."

NH - Rickmansworth, Herts


"I have known Sharon for many years and being a keen sportsman, I always knew I can rely on Sharon to iron out any aches/pains I had.  Sharon is very professional and thorough and often gave me more than the  given time period.  Sharon hleped me with tight lower back, glute, quads and claves.  Very, very recommneded. "

FE - Ware, Herts

"I was really impressed in the way the issue with my tight shoulder was sorted and the excellent advice on preventing it happening again.  Sharon is professional, funny and lovely."

JC - Weymouth, Dorset



"Sharon has treated myself, my husband and all my four rugby playing and bodybuilding sons.  They are all big guys and I would say require specialised knowledgeable treatment, each with their own needs.  Sharon is strong and able to help and advise confidently for each of them and has a wide experieince in their sport and the sort of injuries and weakness they can have.  She is friendly and accomodating, never working to the clock, rather than to fully achieve the purpose of the session.  I, on the other hand an little and was petrified of having anyone being too invasive or heavy.  Like many, it took me time to pluck up the courage to go & undress and be prod around.  But Sharon immediately makes one feel welcome & special, like you're her only clientand totally has the right balance between friendliness (and actually onwards to genuine friendship) and professionalism.  You have at once the conficence that she will be able to absolutley do her job in the warm homely environment she provides.  She will be sorley missed by all of us as she has moved away from our area, but have no doubt she will continue to be a thriving success in her treatment of many.  We wish her the very best and are all a little envious of those she will now pick up with.  Thank you Sharon."

KE - Ware, Herts



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